Quick & Dirty with Davey Calabrese of Calabrese

I cannot recall being as amazed by a band as I have been by Calabrese. They have the incredible combination of creative music, a killer live show, and a love for their fans. Following the recent release of their sixth album, Born With A Scorpion’s Touch, I caught up with the band’s drummer, Davey Calabrese. Before heading out in a month for a tour across the US, I had an opportunity to interview the second brother of the Calabrese family, following last year’s interview with the band’s guitarist and co-vocalist, Bobby.

Name a band that are obsessed with and constantly keeping updated with.

I really dig My Chemical Romance. Their album, “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge” really got me hooked. They have such great stage presence and intense passion for their art.

You are from Arizona, but what have you enjoyed about playing shows on the East Coast?

I love to play everywhere! Any coast, anywhere. I’ll be there to rock and roll! I love meeting the fans and hanging out with ’em.


What are the most important factors regarding fan interaction both on and off stage? 

I love our fans. We have great people who support us and love us.  I understand that they took the time to come out and see us and I want to make them feel important…because they are.  Hang outs and high fives are a part of the Calabrese experience.

Can you take readers through the influence, inspiration, writing, and recording of I Wanna Be A Vigilante off of your latest album, Born With A Scorpion’s Touch?

The guys and I all have a variety of musical influences. We all love catchy and groovy tunes. We wanted to capture the feeling of rock and roll rebellion. “I Wanna Be A Vigilante” was written one week before we went into the studio.  It was so good…we had to include it on the album.


If you could pick three people, living or dead, to be in attendance for a Calabrese show, who would they be?

I’d like to have Elvis, Danzig and Gerard Way to come party with us.

How did the vocal chorus for Death Eternal develop?

We dig catchy songs. And the wooooah, oh, ohs really worked for “Death Eternal.”

What is your all-time favorite piece of Calabrese merchandise?

We have so many to choose from but I guess if I had to choose…I’d say our “CALABRESE CUSTOM CROONER SUNGLASSES.” They fit and look real groovy on anyone. Available HERE.

How was the album cover for III – They Call Us Death planned and developed?

We have always wanted a painted portrait of ourselves with spooky imagery similar to the old monster magazines. We had our friend Eric Powell whip it up for us.  I think he did an amazing job!

How do your brothers inspire you?

I look up to both of them. They have great taste in style and entertainment. They both taught me how to drum. Nowadays I can out drum them, hahaha.

If there were to be a movie starring the Calabrese brothers (entitled “Calabrese” or “The Calabrese Brothers”), what would the plot be?

I would want it to be filmed in the style of “Sin City” but have a “Army of Darkness” humor to it.  I’d want either Edgar Wright or Quentin Tarantino to direct it.  The movie would be about us saving the world from the forces of evil with rock and roll.


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