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The hit comedy series, Sirens, has made a big impact on the USA Network. On the show, Kevin Daniels plays Hank St. Clare, an outgoing, outspoken, and openly gay EMT who has confidence and charisma oozing out of his pores. Along with his co-stars Michael Mosley and Kevin Bigley, he has proven that he has the acting chops to engage viewers, especially after previous roles in Modern Family, Ladder 49, Hollywood Homicide, and many more. A graduate of Julliard in New York City, the thirty seven year old has paid his dues and remains an acting force to be reckoned with.

Kevin and I discussed hot topics such as the season finale of Sirens, attending WWE RAW in Chicago, the importance of Twitter, and even the drinks of choice of the Sirens stars.

Alex Obert: What was it like when you first met Michael Mosley and Kevin Bigley?

Kevin Daniels: It was great. We first met at our final auditions. Kevin was already cast, I didn’t know that until afterwards, but I walked in and we had a little chemistry read. I read with about three other Johnnys and apparently, there were a couple other Hanks there, but I didn’t see those guys. We clicked instantly, it just felt easy and natural.

Alex Obert: What do you guys do together off set when you hang out?

Kevin Daniels: I play chess with Bigley a lot. And then we break out the television rating system. (laughs) Like, “This show did that and this show did the other.” Mike and I play cards. Mike cooks a lot. We did a lot of that when we were on set in Chicago. We lived in the same unit for a little bit, so we’d eat and drink and learn lines.

Alex Obert: What are your thoughts on Kevin pulling off the Brian character?

Kevin Daniels: I think Kevin is fantastic as Brian. In the original script, Brian was stocky and short. And I saw him and I was confused, but then he opened his mouth and I was like, “You are exactly what’s written! You are perfect!” He’s awesome.

Alex Obert: You have Bill Nunn as Cash on Sirens, known for playing the role of Radio Raheem in Do The Right Thing, what are your thoughts on him?

Kevin Daniels: I got Bill Nunn a canvas back chair, it started as a prank with Mike, everyone got one. Bill’s was “Resident Badass”. Those are exactly my thoughts on Bill Nunn. (laughs) He’d just come in and he does stuff with these lines you wouldn’t ever see coming. He’s just so supportive and we’d check with him on our lines like, “Hey Bill, how would you read this? Would this work?” He’d be straight. And I’ve known Radio Raheem for all my life. (laughs) They had a twenty five year reunion while we were shooting. When they got to the scene with him and Loretta Devine, it was like my childhood was coming to life around me, being around Radio Raheem.

Alex Obert: What was it like filming In Case Of Emergency for the Sirens website?

Kevin Daniels: We did that after we wrapped. It was fun, we got to play around with the dialogue and the improv. It was good to put on the uniform again after having been away from it for so long, getting to answer questions like that. We have our own personalities, but Brian, Johnny, and Hank, it’s even better.

Alex Obert: How’s the feedback been for the season finale?

Kevin Daniels: So far, it’s been great. Everyone seems so pumped about it. We follow pretty closely what people are saying on Twitter and on Facebook about it, but it’s been really, really great. The ratings have been steadily growing. I loved it, it’s one of my favorite episodes.

Alex Obert: If season two gets approved, would you want to see Hank go after the priest’s son and try to get him out of jail?

Kevin Daniels: (laughs) That’s hilarious! I hadn’t thought of that! That would make me laugh!

Alex Obert: How do you envision episode one of season two? What would the beginning scene or plot be?

Kevin Daniels: Bob Fisher and I talk pretty regularly about how the episodes are faring and what we would change. They had a couple of different ideas about where to go. My biggest thing was finding a way to get the guys from the British version to come cameo with us. They were talking about some big Rolling Stones concert or something and the British guys would be there. And you’d see the guys a year later. Are Johnny and Theresa still together, have they moved out, did she go to DC?

Alex Obert: Did you ever think of a potential episode where the guys go to Brian’s house and meet his parents and see his living arrangements?

Kevin Daniels: Oh absolutely! I know for a fact that we’re gonna meet Brian’s parents. (laughs) There’s a whole talk about trying to figure out who that’s gonna be and who we’re gonna work with. Kevin Bigley was like, “Well, we’ve gotta get Patton Oswalt.” I’m like, “Dude! Yes!” (laughs) We were talking about Denis doing it and being like, “I can’t believe this is the son I ended up with!” But it could be anybody. That’s the thing about the show, Bob and Denis know half the industry. I think we have a chance to build an audience and see where it goes.

Alex Obert: Do you think Kevin Bigley would try to get Vince Vaughn to be on the show?

Kevin Daniels: I’m sure he would. He loves Vince Vaughn. I met him a couple times in LA years ago. I don’t know him well enough to be like, “Hey man, can you come be on the show?” But Bob Fisher did Wedding Crashers with him, so Bob should call him and be like, “Hey, wanna be on my show?”

Alex Obert: Since Sirens and WWE RAW are both on the USA Network, if you could have any WWE Superstar appear on Sirens, which would it be?

Kevin Daniels: Probably The Miz because he looks just like Mike. (laughs) I’d be like, “You’ve got a twin! Look at him! Look at him!” It would be cool. Randy Savage would have been fun. Those guys are great. I watched it religiously, I got older and fell off, but going to see it was fantastic. Walking backstage and seeing all the production, seeing the guys oiling up in the back and tanning and putting on their attire, it’s so cool to see everything come together for such a spectacular event that airs live every Monday. The WWE Superstars were sweet guys. Everybody was really cool. They were showing me where they stretch and work on their moves. And then you see the pyrotechnics in the back. There’s hundreds of stagehands and crew members around, I’m like, “This is a hell of a production!”

Alex Obert: How was it set up that you guys attended the show? Did USA Network reach out to you?

Kevin Daniels: The USA Network marketing team got us a spot on the show to try and get people familiar with it. They played a couple re-airs after RAW and it really helped us reach folks be like, “Wow, what’s this show? I love it!” I think that the excitement, action, and clever dialogue of Sirens is quite similar to what you get out of watching WWE RAW, a fun escape from the weekly routine. I would love to open the door for weekly viewers of RAW to come check out Sirens and see what we have to offer.

Sirens stars, Kevin Daniels and Michael Mosley attending WWE RAW
Photo Credit: Emily Spitale @emTVpr

Alex Obert: If the show gets picked up for season two and WWE wants to promote it, would you three be open to being guest stars on the show?

Kevin Daniels: Oh yeah, totally. We were talking about it. When we attended, it was such a big event, but no one really knows who we are and so to show up and come out in EMT outfits and do all that, it wasn’t the right time. But I would absolutely do it, I would love to do it. Aaron Paul was there the night that we were there and I know Aaron personally, so it was great. He came to the ring, sat at the announcer’s table, and it was hilarious.

Alex Obert: Why wasn’t Kevin at the show with you guys?

Kevin Daniels: That’s a USA publicity thing. I guess they’re promoting so many shows at one time, I think they had to take a look at their budget in regards to traveling. It was unfortunate that it happened that way because the three of us are a team. Bigley’s our rhythm section! (laughs) We’re a finely tuned band and we work really well off each other.

Kevin snaps a shot of Sirens’s Michael Mosley posing next to a fallen Roman Reigns at a WWE RAW event

Alex Obert: Is there any speculation regarding a Sirens DVD release?

Kevin Daniels: Yeah, they’re definitely doing that. Bob’s working on a lot of our outtakes right now, so many great clips. You could literally make a DVD of just Josh Segarra going off and that would sell millions and millions of copies. He’s one of the funniest men I’ve ever met. He’s just gifted, he’s a genius. (laughs) But they’re working on a DVD now. If we get picked up for season two, Bob was talking about a couple vignettes we could air to get the fans excited.

Alex Obert: What do you feel is important about being active on Twitter to talk with viewers of Sirens?

Kevin Daniels: I think engagement is important. First off, what’s so cool about our cast is that we were all fans first. We love TV, we love movies, and it’s cool to be able to have instant interaction and feedback. People have no reason to lie to you about how they feel about a show or what they want, whether they say, “Yeah, it’s okay.” or “It’s the best show I’ve ever seen.” Twitter is the place to reach out. A simple tweet does work. If they say, “I’m not comfortable watching that. That looks stupid.” And all it takes to tweet back is, “Well, cool. Hey man, this is what we’re doin’. If you wanna check it out, you can watch it here. We might surprise you.” And I’ve got a lot of guys who are like, “Dude, thank you so much. That was the funniest thing I’d ever seen.” And I was like, “Hey man, thank you!” It’s just word of mouth and it’s a way to build a connection with people that will stay and support you. This is why we can still get a million viewers against a Final Four basketball game with no lead-in. I remember when Scandal first came on television. They had pretty low ratings and they were a bubble show. Then they got together and started reaching out to the fans on Twitter and now it’s the number one drama on Thursday nights.

Alex Obert: What are your passions, hobbies, and interests outside of acting?

Kevin Daniels: Very few. I like to drink. I play chess. Bigley, he’s like, “Dude, you need a hobby. You’ve gotta have a hobby.” And we eat a lot on Sirens, they always write it in. “Cool, an episode about donuts. And now we make hot dogs. Cool, we got to eat hamburgers. Goddammit, now we are eating a bag of Twix!” And I’m like, “I’ve gotta fit in these damn pants, man!” (laughs)

Alex Obert: With you, Kevin, and Mike, what are your drinks of choice?

Kevin Daniels: Mike and I both drink Jameson. Mike was actually a big Maker’s Mark guy, but Jameson is cheaper. (laughs) Bigley’s a beer drinker all the way through. He’ll, once in a while, have a shot of something, but he’s more of a beer drinker.

Alex Obert: For those who have yet to see Sirens, how would you sum it up for them?

Kevin Daniels: An unexpected workplace comedy about EMTs in Chicago, set in the EMT world, but it’s also a show about friendship, relationships, and what we do to make it in the world. You watch these guys develop and grow together and realize that they are a family.

Alex Obert: And what are your social media plugs?

Kevin Daniels: I’m on Twitter, @kevinddaniels. I wanted “kevindaniels”, but they wouldn’t give it to me. I’m also on Instagram, KEVINDANIELS27.

Alex Obert: Very nice. Well I’d like to thank you so much for your time and for a great interview. Fingers crossed for season two of Sirens!

Kevin Daniels: Dude, thank you so much! I appreciate it!

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Sirens - Season 1
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  1. Sirens is the funniest comedy I’ve seen. The cast interacts with their fans. Season 1 is witty, smart, hilarious! I’m really hoping to see it continue. I love it! Thanks, Clint

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