Like Journey of a Frontman


Ken Anderson:

“If you haven’t checked his interviews, I highly suggest. This dude gives one great interview. Well beyond the normal over-used palette of questions that one usually receives during these interviews. He’s interviewed some of the biggest names in wrestling and the rock n roll scene. Check out his site!”

Mark McGrath:

“Alex was very prepared and very insightful. It’s always a pleasure when an interview seems to turn into a conversation with an old friend…the man does his research!”

Juice Robinson:

“Blown away by Alex’s professionalism, traveled hours to interview me, and when he arrived I could see he was extremely well prepared and passionate as hell. He asked fun, insightful, different from the norm questions and really was thorough with his work. Alex is a helluva guy and a helluva journalist!”

Paulie Z:

“I enjoyed being interviewed by Alex Obert because he asked very interesting questions about all aspects of my life and career which tells me that he did his homework before conducting the interview. That’s the difference between a pro and an amateur.”

Kevin Daniels:

“Really enjoyed talking with Alex. One of the most easy going and well prepared interviews I’ve ever done. Happy to help on his journey.”

Roger Alan Wade:

“Alex Obert of Journey of a Frontman gets the story straight from the mouth. No smoke and mirrors, just raw conversation. He trusts the stories to carry the day and leaves the flowery prose to the clowns who feel they have to embellish interviews by ending sentences with, “…he chuckled.”